Christian Wilde and Colby Keller at The Gay Office

Colby Keller has not had a job interview in years so when he gets to meet with sexy Christian Wilde, he is all nerves. In fact, he is so nervous that this interview is not going to go anywhere unless some tension is expelled. Finding Colby a bit of a turn on, with his beard and tight fitting suit, his come to bed eyes and interesting looking bulge, Christian suggests other ways of releasing nerves. Those tight pants are undone, dropped, and a heavy, uncut, eight inch cock is revealed ready for sucking.

Christian makes light work of getting it hard and swallowing it down as finally Colby stars to unwind. There is no need for formality at this workplace interview now as Colby willingly reciprocates, slurping on the other guys’ hard and hot cock, taking the inches into his throat and working his nuts. The blowing gets hotter, and the guys get more frantic until there’s only one place the interviewer wants to put his cock. You want the job? Bend over.

The guys are still dressed in their shirts and ties when Colby gives up his ass to that long shaft in an attempt to please his would-be boss. He pleases him over the chair, bends for him, groans and gasps as his ass is invaded. The shorts come off, hot bodies are on show, tattoos and all, and the potential new guys gets to ride cock on the desk, jerking his own meat hard until he spurts onto the office carpet. Christian finishes himself off noisily cumming onto his horny candidate, splattering his hard belly, marking his territory. But did Colby actually get the job? Maybe a second interview is called for.

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Christian Wilde At Str8 To Gay

You want to see something different? How about watching an episode of The Straight To Gay Show? Each week host Trevor Knight shows a shy gay guy how to turn his straight crush gay in a reality show like no other. In this episode he’s got Brandon Lewis on the show. Brandon, cute, straight looking, well hung, has a crush on his workmate so Trevor coaches him in the studio, and you get to pick up the same tips. OK, so chat over, and off to the office we go where totally gorgeous, straight and tattooed Christian Wilde is the object of desire. Hidden pen-cam switched on, Brandon puts theory into practise.

Christian doesn’t make it easy for his co-worker, there is a lot of persuasion needed, but they are alone and Brandon makes a very persuasive argument. Hand on knee, talk of blow-jobs, what’s a straight guy to do but be beaten down? Before very long that straight, uncut, eight inch cock is out of the suit pants and down Brandon’s throat, much to the delight of a surprised straight guy. A few horny, shaft licking, ball sucking, cock worshiping minutes later and Christian is persuaded to let his co-worker ride his shaft.

Brandon sits on it in the chair, and shows Christian just how good it is to fuck an ass. His own hard and powerful cut cock gets a good hand-working as he takes that length and Christian finally gives in to curiosity and starts stroking the other guy’s dick. He takes Brandon over the desk, on his back in the chair, and fucks his hole until both guys release their juice in a loud, solid-dick climax that this office is going to hear again.

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The Straight To Gay Show

Christian Wilde fucking Billy Byron at Big Dicks At School

Its grade time for Christian Wilde, and it doesnt look good. Billy Byron have been trying to help Christian to pass the test , but it doesnt look like all the hard work paid off. So now Mr. Wilde is god damn pissed. And now he is ready for payback. And Billy isnt up for what Christian have in mind…..

Rebound Sex with Christian Wilde

Young stud Christian Wilde has been captured red handed cheating and discovers himself single and lonely with his cute roommate James Ryder. As like any good college room mate, James detests to see his best dorm friend feeling depressed, so he approaches Christian and offers his tight and damn hot ass and mouth as a hot distraction.

Str8 To Gay with Jessie Colter and Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde has needs different than just food and water, needs that his red-hot lady friend barely understand. Every day he wakes up thinking of fucking her tight ass and sticking his cock the whole way down her throat, but as he brought his demands up she stated they were vulgar and would cause some pain for her. This morning Christian are particularly horny already scratching his hard dick against his woman to wake her up nicely, most people would believe this a perfect break of the day but this bitch does not value it and exits the bed room in anger. Wilde are baffled; it looks like another morning with only his hand to fulfill his dick needs. While Christian is stroking his dick, Jessie Colter his roommate does a fast knocking and walks in to ask him if he would like to* go to the gymnasium shortly getting a speedy peek at Christian’s monster before it is covered up. Jessie Colter apologizes for the encroachment, Christian did not in truth mind. Jessie has a proposition, if Christian’s girlfriend will not let him fuck her str8 ass and throat Jessie will certainly drill it – anytime, anywhere.

Brad Benton and Christian Wilde at The Gay Office

Christian Wilde are the “newly dude” at the local office and Brad Benton can not take his eyes away from him. Since Christian began Brad has ascertained all excuse to encounter him and speak to him, even going to the difficulty of buying Christian both some coffee and tea in case he likes one more than the other. Brad barely left Christian’s office not even twenty minutes ago and he’s back once again this time asking if Christian prefer to* grab lunch, Christian says he is not that hungry but Brad on the other hand makes it very clear that he’s really really hungry….

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